CARPEDIEM GmbH: What should the ‘financial ‘test the mudslinging? Seligenstadt February 2011. Hit dogs bark! as the heading of the campaign could be the Stiftung Warentest drive in heavy artillery against CARPEDIEM GmbH. Because actually Finanztest defends himself against the more than legitimate criticism that applies the CARPEDIEM GmbH for years against the magazine. The CARPEDIEM GmbH maintained this tradition when she exposed the worst insinuations and slander the Stiftung Warentest than what they are. Already, the introduction of the financial test article is without any evidence.

It says: employees of financial distribution Carpediem recruit investors with a double-digit yield forecasts for a risky investment. Investors to raise the money for the investment, cancel insurance, mutual funds and BausparVertrage and the refunded money to invest in an interest rate differential Fund of CIS AG.” Download only interested on information events a. Secondly, resolve pointless old contracts not in connection with a possible new system is. This can, must be not so. “The truth is: first employees of CARPEDIEM GmbH with yields not recruit because they promote do not products”. But that was not enough. “The financial test” obviously quite openly attempting to insinuate false advice and dubious promise of return of CARPEDIEM GmbH: who honestly enlighten, know that an asset accumulation only with double-digit returns to create, thinks the distribution of Carpediem, the main shareholder of free consultants “is. The magazine and Carpediem therefore recommend that all conventional forms of saving”the most immediately to terminate and that reported to lever money in the warranty schedule ‘ 08 premium asset building AG & co.

KG of CIS Germany AG in Frankfurt am Main to plug. The investment would achieve by ten percent and more returns.” Here we need to hook up again: it is true that the CARPEDIEM GmbH advises to resolve all conventional contracts. Because these allow any assets considering inflation and taxes.