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Jose Berton Journalist

Passo Fundo heads better for a quality of life Finally! Passo Fundo possesss a new image. What until it has little time was charged constantly, now is part of the past. Today the reality is another one. Until it seems dream. Get more background information with materials from Darius Bikoff. For many skeptics the significant […]

Home Online Market

The sector of the food on-site and take-out online is currently emerging in Spain. Foreign and domestic operators are bringing to our country business models tested in other parts of the globe. But as we all know Spain is different. A group of ex-consultores strategy with an average age of 27 years have created a […]

Coach Staff

From Werner Heisenberg we know that measure is to interact and interact implies a certain variation in the observed. Thus when in the process of measuring and assessing the characteristics of persons, conscious or unconscious, so look and/or project in the observed subject our beliefs, convictions and other prejudices that, later in the daily practice […]

Frontier Experience

The frontier experience 2010 comes also after Berlin-Brandenburg with the motorcycle for charity at Germany’s border along 5000 km, 10 provinces, 7 CROSSINGPOINT, 3 weeks duration, the project border experience 2010 by Ralf and Helene Voigt from Cologne. The passionate motorbike riders have made to themselves for this year this extraordinary tour under special circumstances: […]

Fahrrader GmbH

Bikes easy Huckepack-to cycle Apen at the most beautiful places, 12.09.2013 – summer and autumn is holiday season and at the same time, the high season for bicycles. But getting well deserved on cycling, the bike must be made only trip fit again. It is cleaned, repaired, construction, and finally packed. However, especially when it […]


How to build a culture of innovation! Germany’s company only as onlookers follow the competition for the Smartphone of the future. With the tremendous pace of innovation from Google, Apple and Microsoft they can no longer keep pace for years. While German companies with their outstanding quality in many areas of industry are global market […]

Managing Director

Freight forwarders and insurance companies raise the alarm. Increasing orders from the economy, reports Norbert Idel, Managing Director of the private detective agency ACON detectives GmbH. In particular for the transport sector and reputable insurance companies, our detectives are reinforced in the usage in the last 2 years. It applies to theft in the forwarding […]


The names of the radio in the world article 19 everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; This right includes not being bothered because of their opinions, the research and receive information and opinions, and the impart, regardless of frontiers, by any means of expression. Universal Declaration of human rights by: Tito […]