How to build a culture of innovation! Germany’s company only as onlookers follow the competition for the Smartphone of the future. With the tremendous pace of innovation from Google, Apple and Microsoft they can no longer keep pace for years. While German companies with their outstanding quality in many areas of industry are global market leader. But when it comes to generate new ideas and successfully on the market to bring, they are middle class at best. Since the emergence of new ideas often systematically prevented their perfect processes, who rely primarily on efficiency and minimisation of errors. In particular the following four factors hamper the German companies in the global competition of ideas: innovation brake 1: rigid structures most German companies are characterized by clear responsibilities and hierarchies. This thinking of area of makes highly efficient company. At the same time, these structures but stifle most of the creative potential.

As ideas arise where frontiers collide and friction. As at “Karstadt still discussed, is how the Internet consumers in the future will affect Amazon boss Jeff Bezos already began on completely new corporate structures: small agile teams, he after typically two pizzas” put together: If a team can eat more than 2 pizzas, it is reported. Innovation 2: Rule rage rule free zones are virtually unknown in German companies. If you have ideas, to bring in the process provided for this purpose. In many companies, the idea and innovation management now resembles a bureaucratic monster. There are exact rules as idea forms to fill out and ideas to justify. What a difference to companies such as Google, where employees get free time to work on their own new ideas. “Ideas need in their development time to market something, what in the Animal Kingdom the name of puppy protection” is: A protected space in which they can mature in peace.