From Werner Heisenberg we know that measure is to interact and interact implies a certain variation in the observed. Thus when in the process of measuring and assessing the characteristics of persons, conscious or unconscious, so look and/or project in the observed subject our beliefs, convictions and other prejudices that, later in the daily practice does not match expected, triggered a situation quite dramatic. The examiner, for both the direction, establishing a kind of underground struggle aimed to defend their thesis: the browser trying to defend his election was successful, which is poor supervision of the contract which makes him appear in the eyes of the unacceptable direction in their work. For the address, it’s a poor selection and inadequate worker for the job. That as much as your supervisor do, it will not change course. The thing is a little more complicated if, in addition, that supervisor has been hired directly by the direction, and it is known that the boss is always right. Why examiners should keep in mind not to interfere with the selection with their prejudices, assumptions and projections and focus exclusively on data. Thus the things, the basic rules that all examiner should take into account are: be sure exactly which will be job to be occupied by the selected and their delimitation exact within the organizational structure, their tasks, his superiors, requirements of the position, skills, attitudes, if it is a work in direct relationship with customers or not, your schedule, your wages, etc.

Depending on the requirements of the position, start with the recruitment phase, making sure that matches what is being asked what is needed. Count at all times with whom he is going to be the supervisor of the candidate: how you want the occupant, which is the system of work in his Department, how will be your oversight and takes contact, his period of apprenticeship of the post. In the examination of the CV stage focus on what He is said and what is not said. Look at the dark time lapse: sometimes between work experience and another two or three years have passed: what happened there? Depending on the requirements of the position, appropriate psychometric tests should pass him. The interview, after having the results of psychometric tests.

Perform the final report of the interviewee. Their test results and the recommendation or not for their jobs. For more information on this subject visit recruitment. Original author and source of the article.