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Refugee Council Brandenburg

Consistently for the children and human rights engage! “Open letter Dear members of the European Parliament, on the occasion of the international day of refugees” on June 20, 2011 we want to alert you for human rights on the SOS campaign. In the fall of 2010 she was launched by eight organizations from the Federal […]

Orange Services

SAN JOSE, CA (Marketwire November 2, 2009) – highlights / important events: Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) has scheduled a conference call to announce financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year of 2010 for the quarter that ends on October 24, Wednesday 4 November, 2009 at 1: 30 p.m. (Pacific time) Saturday. Financial results […]


Without place to doubt, this is the most effective trick to improve the productivity. 4. To delegate tasks in the other people. That things can do others in your place? Of the tasks that you could not discard totally in step 2, as you can happen to another person? To aim to the end, your […]

Mira Nuremberg ForestFinance

“Buchenwald reserve ‘Wild beech’ by ForestFinance and b.a.u.m. is now excellent place in the”land of ideas”this year draws the initiative Germany land of ideas” innovative ideas and concepts that are for a modern, open and sustainable Germany. “Since in particular the issue of sustainability, this plays an important role, this year the forest reserve is […]

Oscar Cold

Both were removed from their adjacencies the possibility of attacks by nuclear nature, to say it with simplicity. So, in cold war, powers the balance of power in the world, as military hubs that were then and remain so far were distributed. One giving and receiving, as it just did its counterpart. Subject to elucidate […]