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Brindsi Port

We have once again left the beautiful port of Brindisi, after spending its summer in him, where a new one could be perceived to appear again of its tourism that has not been so dynamic in the last years, by several factors, especially the economic one, the recession, unemployment and one of the aspects that […]

Majority Understand

Understanding is the basis for communication. All human beings have learned methods to communicate to us from our own experience. We also she’ve got beliefs that we assume as truths, we have formed our personality, we have felt fears and we have created ways to protect us. Thus we have created what we call paradigms. […]

Valley Of Gueyes

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the news released by the newspaper El Universal, of the city of Mexico, talks about the loss of 80 percent of the Huasteca Potosina, formerly rich in forest and fauna unique in the world, faced with the advance of farmland and livestock areas. There is an area called La Huasteca where the ancient […]