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A law is something that is independent of you. As the law of gravity. It doesn’t matter if you are evil or good humor, with negative or positive attitude, indifference to life or clarity of purpose with apathy or enthusiasm jumps out of a third floor and fall like a lead weight to the floor. […]

The Sole

Of course, that’s a joke, because also your charms not disappeared. Later came the great internal solitude knowing you as a couple and at the same time more isolated than ever, and your words and phrases always They rumbled in my head, but above all in the bowels in the soul. These bereaved wounds are […]

Counter Announces

The Spaniard, fifth at the gala this year round. Evans was succeeded as new King of the Tour de France. Alberto Contador, fifth classified in the Tour de France, has begun to think in the reconquest of the Tour of France noted that the coming year there will be no Tour and will return to […]

The Blog

It is just a space so that you can enjoy with its own artistic activities and to share those moments with others. For this reason, the blog should be exploited to their maximum potencialLos blogs and social networks are ineviablemte linked, since one has certain caracteristcas of the other. Both are aimed to create a […]

Educative Computer

With passing of the time, some schools, perceiving the potential of this tool had introduced the Educative Computer science, that, beyond promoting the contact with the computer, had as the main objective the use of this tool as instrument of support to the substances and the lecionados contents. However this support continued tied with one […]