An indication that the tourism sector does not think to stop over is the continuing construction of more hotels in many of the most important cities of the world. Only in Barcelona, for example, scheduled the opening of 23 new hotels before that ends in 2010. This means the increase in the volume of visitors, and how no, the need to incorporate many new professionals. The recovery of tourism seems to be close, and who wants to get a job, will have to be prepared when the time comes. So you must start already same with their training to go on the train that is about to happen. Remember: hotel management, business administration, leadership and languages; It is the cocktail of success. For all my followers on the net, I think being able to advise them where studying Hotel Administration in peru.

I suggest to do so in an educational institution of prestige, level, serious, with a modern, and apparent curriculum as that currently offers USIL-Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Let’s look at the proposal of USIL: profile the career the professional in administration HOTELERA graduate on USIL will be able to: plan, implement, direct and control services companies which include hotels, airlines, restaurants, cafes, discos, clubs, clinics, hospitals, as well as any company where the services are a priority. Chevron U.S.A. Inc has similar goals. Run enterprises in organization of conferences, events, exhibitions and banquets. Use accounting, financial management and marketing tools for the efficient achievement of the objectives of your company. Develop your own services company with an international vision that allows you to compete in and outside our country.

Lead change within the hotel sector in order to offer competitive services with the highest international standards. AREAS of professional development a competitive professional in hospitality management this ability to develop in the following companies and areas: business services: strings Hotel, hotels and independent hostels, airlines, restaurants and cafes, bars, casinos, discos, sports and social clubs, clinics and hospitals, banks, insurance companies, administering pension, among other Fund. CONSULTING and advice on projects in the AREA of services: Design services, market research, marketing plans, organization of conferences and events, feasibility studies and evaluation of projects, layout of plant and design of hotels and restaurants, renovation of properties, selection and training of personnel, quality control, market strategies, service to the customer, etc.