Overview of the development of building interest in the last years. For 15 years, construction interest rates move continuously downwards and reached your historic nadir this year (2009). Now, experts assume that the interest rates with the recovery of the economy will rise again. The lease are almost without interruption for more than 15 years on a falling rate. Mid-1990s, you had to pay nearly 10 percent in interest for a mortgage loan, today there are just times three percent. This downward trend has continued further in the last month. Of course, also the historical lows of the ECB of interest rate at one percent has helped that the lease have been reduced again.

After the lease has risen since late March by an average of 3.8 percent for a 10-year interest rate on up to 4.25 percent by mid-June, the tendency is clearly falling since that time within the last month. Currently (as of July 23, 2009) you’ll pay one for example for a 10-year interest rate in order to Mortgage loan of an average interest rate of 3.95 percent. The average effective interest rate is an interest rate of five years only 3.30%, i.e. just above the three-percent mark. In this area the lease were still significantly higher, still about a month ago (mid-June 2009) at 3.80 percent. The question of course for many consumers, as the lease will develop in the future for loans.

As can be seen in the course of the last few months, there were falling or rising interest rates movements in the form of 0.5% in the framework of the general downward trend of the last years always. When the general economy again is mend anything, many experts anticipate rising interest rates, which would affect the area lease. “In term of 1-2 years it is relatively likely that the lease is a turn of the” understand and rise again as a long-term trend.