And telling you in this letter document which in the future will only communicate with the owner, hereby because otherwise the only thing she towards with their action was legal communication took more time to get to the corresponding target (the owner). Ultimately I had to send two letters documents (one answering to the first and another to the owner to convey alleged by the tenant) having to absorb the cost of the same. Here I do a small parenthesis to discuss with this cost I had to spend my pocket, that as I said above although this problem was not mine, as the same I grazed. For even more opinions, read materials from Rio- Tinto Diamonds. Do now why I love also? Well because to keep me abreast the problem to mediate between the two parties so that none would be aggrieved over, me humbled by the situation and thereby attracted negativity towards my person. And returning to the requirement of the Charter document, informed the tenant that in 48 hours the plumber would come in the Department in question of such at such an hour to place the new Thermo. This previously did all the relevant preventions not to leave another coincidence appeared by surprise.

Then my plumber already authorized for to do the placement of Thermo, you inform the owner that no repeat of the problem, which was personally to the House of appliances and that in front of her the Manager of Bs. As. I will communicate with the Manager of Mar del Plata and pass personal data (name and document number) that I had sent my plumber. And that once made this communicate it me immediately. 6Th match negative: was the day before d-day that was fulfilled the time indicated in the Charter document and close the 19 hs. the owner notifies me cell phone that already everything arranged so that my plumber withdraw tomorrow at first time the Thermo of the branch of Mar del Plata.