As the Czech Tussetkapelle in the Bavarian Forest, the Tusset Chapel came to the most beautiful sights of the small Czech town of Tusset (Czech Santhan) in the tri-border region of Bavaria, Bohemia/Upper Austria close at the border to the Bavarian Forest is one. The wooden Marien pilgrimage chapel on the slope of the 1065 metres high Tussetbergs was built in 1791 and restored in 1988. From the Bavarian Forest on the border crossing Philippsreut reach Tusset. Only an exact replica of the Tussetkapelle is just a few kilometres away on the German side in Philippsreut. You wrote the year of 1985, the iron operation was still impenetrable, as a group of displaced persons act. Because the traditional sanctuary for the believer was not available, a faithful replica of the Church was to be built in Philippsreut in a beautiful and dignified place overlooking the Bohemian Forest. The municipality of Philippsreut was open-minded and promoted the project. Before 1945 it had close relations between Philippsreut given to neighboring communities in the umava Mountains, people from the Bavarian Forest often made pilgrimages to the our Lady of the Tussetberg.

Now also eagerly donated and a Munich architect built the chapel. The new Tussetkapelle was ordained on July 27, 1985. Meanwhile, the second Tussetkapelle is a valued part of the spot image Philippsreut and many tourists come in summer and winter, a term. Looking for a tour of two churches? As a comfortable base country hotel is in Phillipsreut Mitterfirmiansreut Haus Waldeck. Dogs are expressly welcome in this three-star hotel with its family atmosphere. From the Haus Waldeck both sanctuaries can visit – in a peaceful Europe without divisive frontiers.