ServiCon audit Portal optimizes accounting technology from ebills & more Kaufbeuren, November 08, 2010 the first step towards the electronic invoice has proven of glasses-professional-contact GmbH, so that you would like to tackle the second phase in this quarter. Goal is get successively on the electronic invoice flow. Currently monthly about 5,000 bills go down at glasses-ProFi only as records for its own ERP system. The conversion and legally compliant delivery leads the service provider ebills & more GmbH with its service ServiCon account portal by. Thus, it is irrelevant which billing system uses a supplier: it’s always the appropriate data format.

This simplifies the further processing, which ultimately benefit the approximately 1,700 connected opticians in Germany. The largest shopping and marketing community in the industry provides not only market attractive framework conditions, but also acts as a central claims settling agent for ten listed large suppliers such as Carl Zeiss Vision GmbH for glasses or the CIBA Vision Vertriebs GmbH in the field of contact lenses. Glasses professional assumes the collection including the assumption of credit risk. Phase 2 already has paid off in planning to outsource data processing”, Jorg Hochleitner, Managing Director of eyewear professional reports. “As main advantage, the Diplom Kaufmann calls: we must not take care of this task and an acceptable price to pay.” The community began with the ServiCon audit portal in the wake of the introduction of a new ERP system earlier of this year. Due to the positive experiences is to be now planned the second step, the paper bills gradually converted into the electronic invoices. The optician has the choice between two options in the future. The big advantage for him will be that he can drop all its electronic bills centrally in the Web archives of ServiCon audit portal and this guaranteed legally and safely.