Only cars of former footballer and current beauty expert makes an exception visually: instead of a rolling symbol of status, he is rather a simple Renault Scenic. The upward trend two doctors and a doctor work in cosmetic medicine today in the swissestetix institutes in Zollikon and Rapperswil. After Danek’s request will be much more in the future: the 52-year old German would like to present his company like within the next 10 years in the entire German Switzerland: ‘desire for beauty, youthfulness and freshness will be much stronger in the coming years, we must prepare ourselves professionally’. ” To d relies on a combination of high-quality services and a comprehensive consultation of the customers for swissestetix first and foremost: “we’re talking about a very sensitive area, namely a desired change on the body, which requires great courage of men and women. When they visit a plastic surgeon once it is all the more important this To convey that they are exactly the right address”people. A large part of today’s beauty treatments is already long not only about surgical corrections. The spectrum ranges from small and light treatments with noticeable effects, for example, in your face, up to three-hour operations, about liposuction, combined with a breast augmentation”.

D certainly agrees that these interventions represent a correction of the natural aging process. “Ultimately it is a question of the personal setting: for one, there are many women and men who are unhappy with their appearance, were due to old age and hope for a treatment more attractive.” Others expect more advantages in life, for example, in the profession through a targeted change. Of course, there is also a large group of people who are satisfied with their appearance. My partner would, for example, like a crease in the face to wipe out me let – but best I can live”. And adds with a smile: “in any case, some time”. To the person: Guido Danek, 52, lived until 2008 in Moers, Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia), is a skilled businessman and studied sports management.