“It is funny, almost alone.” Funny also the two heavenly figures Anael and Zac are two angels in the field (Division consolidation and Logistics ‘). Their task: To beat from Recklinghausen and Felicity from Mulheim bring together, which however proved a task of category failures, breakdowns and bad luck ‘ turns out. And how can you participate yourself the Ruhrpott-SOAP? Ralf Lilienthal: That works at the Improv theater. “While there the actor on demand needs to build up a word or theme in his game, the readers of food can is’ done me a set send, which is then processed in the next scene.” Yo, don’t grab the paint sets without frontiers it are limits barely the channels of sets of. Only proper nouns are not desirable and if possible, not location – and time limits. Recently Jeffrey Hayzlett sought to clarify these questions. Then the story is too arbitrary and colourful!” And what sentences were sent so far? Much Ruhrpott slang is: yo, don’t grab the paint!’ or Ker, wat wat miennes I Newswire for him: I sing ‘ Ker, dat can still nich I true, sach’. “But also quotes: I’m not looking, I find ‘ or one for all, all for one.” Most sentences in which something is happening are Lilienthal but: closed the door and took a deep breath ‘ and sat next to the House a dog that looked after him with the wrong head and questioning look, like he could read his mind ‘ because I see the scene almost in front of me and can directly write.’ “But no matter which set also comes the story gets an interesting new twist on every case”.

Some Ruhrpottpromis have engaged with one sentence. “The cabaret artist Dr. Stratmann remembers his time as a hospital doctor and writes: doc, if I don’t soon get my sleeping pill, then I sleep by one alone!” “And Joe Bausch, actor and also a physician: I’m telling you: my days are all the same length but different widths”.