However Nations United hopes that the Cancun Summit get at least give sufficient momentum, because otherwise people will lose faith in the system, as stated by the director of the UN on climate change, Rajendra Prachauri Panel. Whoever is attentive to news heard again and again of isolated disasters that take place on Earth. However much of what happens is only named briefly despite the threatening State of this world, in which disasters increase and there will be increasing, becoming increasingly harder to stay hidden for a contemporary awake. More than one reader will surely be asked: How can enable Dios catastrophes, disorders of the Earth and deaths? Why does not he intervene? But God does not send any catastrophe men, otherwise, the warned in a timely manner. In all the times God spoke through women and men righteous, through his prophets. God sent to this earth even to his son, Christ.

The He did this, warned and showed the way back to its divine origin. In our time God has once again sent a great prophet to men, it’s Gabriele, the Prophet and Messenger of God, through which the announced and still announcing their message and their warnings to humanity in a way that no one can ignore them. However, the majority of men, headed by the priestly caste, which was at all times against the prophets of God, nor did nor currently hear his word. At all times, the spirit of God tried warning men about the causes that they created, which would reach them in the form of effect if not changed in time. However the theologians behaved as they have always done and as campfires today already do not accommodate the time and thus no longer can undo a prophet murdered him, they tried to to silence the Prophet of God maligning her and mock her. Was called which believed in the word of God Apostle of times late. With the passage of the years it has been becoming increasingly evident that the spirit of God had not caused panic in any way, but it had only warned timely and affectionately human beings, to protect them from misfortune.

Today already cannot hear most theologians, laugh because now also scientists confirm what the spirit of God already had expressed many years ago by prophetic mouth. Today Science cannot hide the transformations that take place on Earth, because the effects are not only visible to many, but it can also be felt. It has now begun the apocalyptic time.