The pilot AMV Marc Coma has been awarded the fifth and penultimate stage of the 23rd edition of the rally of Sardinia, that linked the towns of Muravera and Gavoi/Fonni. With the today’s, already are four victories after having contested seven special so far. Educate yourself with thoughts from susan-wojcicki. Consistency and strong pace maintained throughout the day have been aupado, again, to the Avia at the top of the classification. Methodical and effective as a GPS, the pilot AMV, has not made the slightest error of navigation on a stage, in which was very easy to get lost. In addition, logical exit first, difficulty which requires a degree of concentration very high, no margin of error, as navigation concerns it did not, once more, the Mount of the bravo pilot AMV continue correct traces that directed him toward the long-awaited Italian town of Gavoi. His compatriot and pilot AMV Jordi Viladoms, despite having been forced to resume his career, by consecutive two times, because of the difficulties of browsing the stage demanded, could succeed the situation and scored the fourth best record of the day with a time of 4: 07. 42? 41 seconds, to only 4: 23 minutes of the first rated Marc Coma. Consisting of a total of 331 kilometers, of whom 202 have been timed, today’s stage housed a segundaa very complicated part in which the navigation became undisputed star of the day.

Many of the members of the test pilots, among them the pilot AMV Jordi Viladoms, mistook, on different occasions, in the logical path to be followed his mount. Do the great browser of the day has been the pilot AMV Marc Coma, who true to his instincts, has not left the slightest mistake prevented him to record a time of 4: 03. 18? 74 seconds and thus be awarded his fourth victory on a special stage of the Rally of Sardinia 2010.