Seminar dates in Stuttgart for a first look at the basics of social media marketing learn about the possibilities and limitations of Facebook, Twitter, blogs & co.: what social media platforms are there? Where is it worth for your company to be active? What is the implementation? Marketing strategy applies to any marketing strategy social media first to clarify what target will be achieved through the use of marketing instruments here of social media. Medium-sized companies that want to improve the awareness of a product, should plan a different strategy than those who want to increase the number of visitors of their website. The experienced officer reveals how to best reach your target, and in which the different marketing channels are used. As a moderator of the XING group Augsburg knows the pros and cons of different social media platforms of the passionate Netzwerker Rene Stejskal and gives you valuable tips which you can use to avoid initial error. Specifically for mid-market employees receive seminar by medium-sized enterprises from the fields of marketing and sales in this seminar on Facebook, Twitter, blogs & co. the necessary know-how for starting your business in the world of social media.

You will learn how linguistically and in terms of the unwritten code of conduct on individual platforms moving. Then, you develop a marketing strategy for the social media on the basis of the information received. The seminar “Facebook, Twitter, blogs & co. of social media strategies for the middle class” takes place at the 18.07.2011 in Stuttgart.