The moderation team for the refugee conference in Bremen is preparing before announcement preparation workshop for the refugee conference in Bremen. The importance of a thing is supported by the presence of a lecture. And what is more important than the fight for their own freedom to live dignity and law in the country, which one believes to be his homeland? In the course of the refugee conference in Bremen from the 2nd to December 5, 2009, which is organised and held parallel to the Conference of Interior Ministers (IMK), youth without frontiers (JoG) Theatre in Berlin is taken over by the GRIPS the preparation and training of the moderation team for the gala evening on December 3, 2009 at the refugee Conference. During a comprehensive facilitation workshop from 27 up to November 29, 2009, affected refugees are initially develop the presentation texts under the guidance of Philipp Harpain drama teachers and learn the implementation of a PowerPoint presentation. This is followed by an intensive face-to-face training with exercises for the voice of moderation, the Occur before the audience and how you with the stage, such as the example using a microphone, which supports own message meaningful. For the journey to Berlin moderation team members must obtain first the approval of their local immigration office, because they are under the spell of the residence obligation. People geduldeten it is forbidden their hometown without abandoning the Declaration of consent of the State. A network of stakeholders is therefore always connected to a great effort. “But this is still a relatively tolerable fact when you consider that people in Germany waited no rights whatsoever and only the perpetual lack of prospects on the paper” have. Against these circumstances and for a safe place to stay right, over 1500 people from 15:00 in Bremen on the Street go therefore on December 2, 2009.