Do you ever happened you that you feel that you don’t have time for anything and at the same time not get results? In sales it is very common that you are saturated with all kinds of activities, slopes and trails to make. However, if you analyze your daily activities carefully, you will discover, that there are only four things that take you to close more sales and get more customers. These are: 1. find a track, a reference, an introduction, or an idea that will lead us to a person with power of purchase decision. 2 Obtain an appointment to meet with the person who has the power to purchase decision. 3 Get a face to face interview with the person with power of purchase decision.

4 Get a sale or failing that a commitment to perform an action that directly leads to the closing of a sale. Close more sales by measuring the success in your results. These four actions even if they are necessary to achieve one sale not all they have the same importance. Obviously not the same getting 10 referrals who close ten sales. To measure success in your sales, you will need to adopt a system to measure your efficiency in daily operations. For this grant: A point to step number one. Two points to step number two.

Three points to step number three. Four points to step number four. Works every day to obtain a minimum of eight points in any combination of steps: two tracks, four references, two introductions. Two references and two interviews. Four appointments. Four runways and two appointments, two sales, etc. You can get more than eight goals points if you want to this is up to you, so productive you want to be, and the number of sales you want to obtain. The next step is to go to the list of your daily agenda earrings and write: get eight key points is to use the system day by day and not wait to Friday to get 40 points. If you propose to achieve a minimum of eight daily points you’ll never run out sales and your pipeline of prospects will always be full, you’ll never have slow periods and you’ll be sowing and reaping sales constantly. Try this simple system by 30 days until it yours and then decide whether it will become an integral part of your arsenal of sales strategies. Permitted reproduction partial or total of this article provided the author and Blog data are retained. Original author and source of the article.