When the man realized extraordinary features of sound, learned to play the melodic, rhythmic sounds by means of heterogeneous materials at hand and material, the music began to emerge. With every hour wish create beautiful sounds sharpened, upgrade tools to sound, the sound of the beginning of all the least resemble the real melody, which created the man some desire, and that was the desire to listen repeatedly. But only some time after numerous tests to make sound recordings led to the emergence of the first mechanical devices that reproduce sound. The first bearers of the audio data can be considered metal discs with small holes, which are inserted into the music machines or boxes, and by mechanical manipulation, resulting in a disc in motion, the music played. The following progress has led to record, led to the appearance of mechanical musical instruments that could record music – special mechanical pianos.

By the end of 19 centuries after Alexander Graham Bell opening the phone and using wax cylinders – Phonographs, was the beginning of a new era of sound recording. Gramophone was officially patented in 1888 and supports the music began to zinc-coated wax records. The company Gramophone Company recordings made and traded gramophone records and grammofonami worldwide. Firm "Pate" in the early 20 th century, improving the mechanism of the device was producing phonographs – small, complete with a suitcase, players records. Began to have their first Artel, manufactures recording. The subsequent history of recording was accomplished right before our eyes, and we are witnessing this move forward.