It has long been known that the visual image of the company plays an important role in its positioning. Therefore, more and more companies that previously did not even have their logo in any way except as a document, word, now turn in advertising agencies and design studios for the development of corporate identity. But what really should be expected from the logo, as the concept of more extensive than that of simply a beautiful icon? What are the functions it performs as an integral part of the corporate identity? Decided to allocate the following functions: Actual Expressive Referent impressive poetic meta-Let us consider each of them. In fact – this is what appears directly before our eyes, this logo looks like we will see a variety of media: billboards, business cards, posters on the site. This is a channel between you and .

– this is what your company is the world a message your mission, values, principles, expressed in the style of font and the sign in color gamme.Referentnaya – the message about the product or service offered by the company. The perfect logo will indicate accurately the scope of of the company. Learn more at this site: Jeffrey Hayzlett. Impressive – This is what the consumer must feel looking at the logo. Which would not consider myself a company in the minds of consumers is another. The creator of the logo must consider how it customers will see. Poetic – there's nothing definite, different people the same image can say quite different things, might like, and may alienate. Metalinguistic – informational message code, and referring customers directly to a particular brand. Even if a person's eye will notice the logo, for example, they passed signs on the car, he must understand that this is the company that he is seeking. Of course, no logo, no can fully meet all of these functions have to sacrifice something, but, nevertheless, these positions will help evaluate the effectiveness of the logo.