CC OO Madrid Auditorium hosts over one thousand of teachers debated the timing and type of demonstrations that take place in Assembly. It is deck hold a strike on 14 September and promote an indefinite strike Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week. For even more opinions, read materials from The Hayzlett Group. Aguirre asks teachers by letter an effort before the crisis. The teachers of secondary education of the community of Madrid seconded a strike during the beginning of the next school year, whose schedule is yet to be determined, due to cuts to the Ministry of education has made this year. The Auditorium of commissions Obreras from Madrid welcomes more than 1,000 teachers who debated in house calendar and type of demonstrations that take place until the Government remove instructions that increases teacher workday, as explained the head of CC OO education during the day this WednesdayPaco Garcia.

Among the proposals are shuffled to make a strike on 14 of September, to promote an indefinite strike the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week, as well as a massive demonstration, no date set yet. The proposals being debated Wednesday will be carried centres and agreed upon area assemblies to have ready a timetable later this week or early next. The regional government will find with a very strong response to these cuts, which are unjustified and unjustifiable, has declared the Union representative. The community of Madrid has increased school hours in two hours to teachers of high school for the next school year, in exchange for a compensation for part of the collective. The regional President, Esperanaa Aguirre, sent a letter Tuesday to 18,000 teachers in high school that will give 20 hours of class per week instead of 18 to ask for your collaboration and remember that this work effort will mean a saving of almost 80 million euros. Source of the news: teachers of ESO announced a strike for the start of the course by the “cuts”