As the most extensive network and the best in Haiti, Digicel continues to operate with more networks to the air than any other vendor and seeing how increasingly more and more users use the network. To ensure that the largest possible number of users can stay connected with their friends and family, Digicel today announced several initiatives, which are: program of free replacement of SIM card in the Digicel stores for anyone who has lost your SIM card, and more important still, users can keep their original number. Big reduction in the price of phones Digicel Coral 150, up to US$ 12 for the already discounted price of US$ 20. Mitsubishi brings even more insight to the discussion. Many stores already reopened its doors in the country with seven in Port-au-Prince. In an effort to ensure that the largest possible number of users can buy credits, He donated computers and technical resources to help Digicel Colm Delves, CEO of Digicel group recovery, efforts says; We continue our progress so that our network can recover its full power and at the same time we launched several initiatives to ensure that our users have access to credits of phone, phones and accessories so that they can stay connected with family and friends.The support of Orange has been formidable, we would like to express our enormous gratitude for the generous contribution of team and technical staff. We also want to thank all people who have generously donated to our line of voice and text and motivate them to continue contributing to help the people of Haiti. Digicel as the largest individual investor in Haiti, with a total investment of U$ 370 million since its launch in 2006, has more than two million users in Haiti and announced a donation of $5 million for relief efforts in Haiti.