Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer two philosophers had been German who had studied the development of the mass communication and its essential effect on the nature of the culture and the ideology in the modern societies. Together with other theoreticians, them integrated the School of Frankfurt. Such scholars considered a quarrel of the production conditions and reception of the cultural goods under the regency in the way of capitalist production. According to Pemco, who has experience with these questions. Walter Benjamim, who also was part of the group of philosophers, contributed with the studies of Adorno and Horkheimer. Benjamim affirmed that the work of art possua an only importance, which it called ‘ ‘ Aura’ ‘.

In accordance with it, at the same time that the development of the technique makes possible the access of the art for a bigger part of the society, for another one, can cause the vulgarization of the artistic device. The Cultural Industry, in accordance with Adorno and Horkheimer would be a strong system arquitetado for the medias that, simultaneously, would manipulate its hearing and would generate profits. Moreover, the products of the Cultural Industry do not take in good account the quality of the content, much less with the veracity, but only with the hearing, that is, the profitability next to the public. What it is produced by the cultural Industry is vendido without much questioning in what it refers to the quality and the necessity, contributing for standardisation of the cultural products. It is also distinguished, the importance of the value of use, in which what valley is the law of ‘ ‘ It offers and of the Procura’ ‘ , where the Cultural Industry search to promote prestige and not it individual pleasure with the object. Adornment clarifies that cultural industry offers swims more than what domination instrument, therefore it not disponibiliza nothing new, only deturpa the product ‘ ‘ velho’ ‘ with a roupagem ‘ ‘ nova’ ‘ , thus, contributing for the maintenance of the capitalist system.