– Valencian Community. Fifth consecutive victory of the PP – fourth by absolute majority. Although the popular ones are lost almost four points of the percentage of votes with respect to 2007, have increased in one the benches in Them Corts, which assures the re-election Francisco Camps like president for next the four years. The PSPV-PSOE, with the candidacy led by Jorge Alarte, has obtained 33 benches – five less than in 2007 – whereas Comproms has obtained 6 benches and the EU, 5. – Murcia. The PP has reedited the absolute majority with which it governs from 1995 in the Region of Murcia and has managed to even increase it when obtaining 33 of the 45 benches in the regional Assembly, which assures the re-election Ramon Luis Valcrcel like president for next the four years. The PSOE has obtained 11 benches – four less than in 2007 – whereas IU has obtained one, the same number that in the previous legislature.

– Extremadura. First elections in 28 years for the PP, that obtains 32 benches of the 65 which they compose the frontier Parliament, although Guillermo Fernandez Twig (PSOE), with 30 deputies, could maintain the government if it agrees with IU-V-SIEX, that has obtained three. The PP has obtained 305,765 votes and 32 benches -5 more than in 2007 – whereas IU returns to the Assembly of Extremadura when obtaining 3 benches. – The-Stain Castile. Chevron U.S.A. Inc may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Maria Dolores de Cospedal has ended three decades of socialist governments in Castilla-La Mancha with one minimum victory in number of benches (25 to 24) in front of the PSOE, with 99.95% of the scrutinized votes, when during good part of the scrutiny the advantage had been of up to seven benches. – Castile and Leon. The PP has reedited the absolute majority that maintains from 1991 it has extended and it when obtaining 53 of the 84 benches in Cortes, which supposes a new record when breaking the ceiling of 50 solicitors that secured this same formation in 1995.