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Reflect More

Carlos Mora Vanegas most people fail because lack them the persistence to create new plans that replace those that don’t work. Mark Victor Hansen the price of success is hard work, dedication and the acceptance of that whether we win or lose we have endeavoured to maximize for our goal.Vince Lombardi be attentive, awake in […]

Tujuti Oreave

Similarly, the Guarani is in the mass media (radio, newspapers and broadcast); the same thing that, in advertising promotion, including large international brands that are in an interesting medium to obtain more and better income. Today the Guarani is also in the universities of Paraguay, and is also widely used by athletes and artists and […]

Very Slow Reaction

Since the first of may of 2011 you can buy tickets online to Machu Picchu in Cuzco Peru, although this measure are glad to many tourists and travel agencies in general, the question is: does this news pleased Peruvians? Am very surprised that this measure will be implemented in 2011 newly, it was logical that […]

Revolutionary Politics

During three years, of 1972 up to 1975, all a region was conflagrada by one ‘ ‘ war revolucionria’ ‘: The fight stopped in the Araguaia possesss deep meant politician. The Brazilian people, oppressed for one defames dictatorship, anxious of freedom and of independence, he has in this fight a manifestation, authentic and consequent, of […]