With him, it comes again to break their own frontiers, to redefine and never give up or lose the motivation. The European personality coach No. 1 (Sat 1) Jorg Lohr and life coach Christian Bischoff have their own distinctive style. All of these speakers and motivation trainers involves motivation, the approach and the specific benefits are however very different. And exactly here the speakers agency can give valuable impetus and support.

We see ourselves as advisory and supportive partner for our customers, renowned companies from all sectors of the economy. “, says Heinrich Asissh Kamau, owner of the speakers agency 5 star speakers and 5 star trainer with many years of experience in the speakers – and coach business.” Is a very large range of motivational coaches, each has its specific subject and success methods. The dynamics of the coach and his method, must match the dynamics of the company, to the specific task, and especially to the respective business. A very Criterion is always the goal of the training. Depending on whether it comes to motivation to the bring momentum of sales teams, the positive handling of change processes or best team building goes, our proposal will be different.

We know very well our motivational speaker and recommend only the appropriate coach personality. Quasi, the tailor-made suit under the motivators, exactly matched to the needs of the customers”. Today, many companies choose their coach alone due to websites or press a video from YouTube. A video can never explain the true quality of training, because it contains often only fragments of the training scenes. Only the sound advice provided by the professionals of renowned speakers Agency helps here really to make sure, to book the absolutely right motivational speaker. 5 star team Heinrich freestyle Cedar