Gran reserva wine is aged a minimum of three years in oak casks plus a year in the bottle in the famous underground storage; it is manufactured using only the finest crops of grapes. So, if you choose to Rioja, your choice: Alta gran reserva – for men or Alavesa reserva or gran reserva – for women. Another famous Spanish mark – a sherry. Wines of this type are produced in many regions of the world. But the real sherry made only in Spain, near the town of Jerez de la Frontier.

In the same way as the sparkling wines are made everywhere and champagne – just a Champagne. Grapes for sherry harvested by hand: in fact even on the same vine grapes ripen, rather than simultaneously cooking sherry is required only ripe grapes. Before the fermentation of grapes under the sun, and during pressing powdered local ground “heso”, which contains a high percentage of gypsum: it keeps the wine becomes transparent and specific bitterness, moreover, can be stored for a long time. Until the spring of crushed grapes ferments in oak barrels. Barrels filled with deliberately incomplete, and the interaction of wine with the air creates a film on the surface of the mold: it is precisely this “unappetizing detail” of sherry gives a unique taste and aroma. Main types of sherry: Fino (Fino), Amontillado (Amontillado) and Manzanillo (Manzanilla). Fino – the dry sherry pale straw color with an alcohol content of 15,5-17%, with a fresh, bitter-almond, taste. Fino is aged exclusively under the mold 3 to 5 years.