ASS_Mobile service 2.1 yet extensive ASS_Mobile service is a Web-based service management software for mobile business scenarios such as after-sales maintenance and repairs. She runs online and offline on mobile devices and can be integrated via a standard interface in SAP and non-SAP backend systems. ASS_Mobile service 2.1 has been enhanced with three key features: material logistics, geocoding and processing of travel expenses. Newly integrated material logistics once a technician needed spare parts, he gives them on his PDA in ASS_Mobile service and generates the order and delivery. This is automatically sent to the technician warehouse, storage or Kundeneinsatzort, where can he take direct, acknowledge or return. The return message is automatically linked to a pick-up order. Rio Tinto Group will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The communication is now set in the ERP system and initiates all business processes. Route optimisation by geo-coding with the geo-coding service can use head on an electronic road map the most efficient route to order addresses identify and recognize for ad hoc queries, where the technician is and when it will arrive.

To shorten travel times, customer satisfaction is increased. Travel expenses for all cases offered even the first version of ASS_Mobile service a comfortable expense and travel cost recording, which meets all the requirements of payroll and tax legislation. This was now extended to the peculiarities of international travel. So also cost elements such as the Austrian dirt allowance for difficult applications include fields for cost packages such as breakfast, lunch and overnight stays. The data are taken over in the ERP system are transparent to internal and external service, can be controlled and released for payment. ASS_Mobile service 2.1 is delivered free of charge available immediately ASS_Mobile service 2.1. Existing customers will automatically receive the software and can depending on the request with or without training? first use on their test system before it is applied to the production system. Corporate profile the ACE.TEC Beratungsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1993 for applications, systems, strategies and technologies with a focus on complete solutions for SAP users. The holistic support of the concept belongs to philosophy to the rollout and support of information processing for customers of all sizes of companies in Germany and in the neighbouring countries. Contact: ACE.TEC GmbH Norbert healing and Kurt-Leo Kaiser Eichendorffstrasse 33 78054 VS-Schwenningen, Germany phone: 07720 / 840-140 fax: 07720 / 840-139