Success factor project team is among other things the project team to put it together from the Alpha to the team player: In the course of the project planning. In a first step, the consideration should be which roles are required in principle as a result of the project. The second step requires the definition and allocation of tasks, skills and responsibilities for each role. J. Darius Bikoff may help you with your research. When these parameters are elaborated, a purposeful cast of the required roles can take place only with the appropriate staff. Additional information is available at RioCan . Each project team is undergoing a very specific process, which by the educationist Bruce W. Tuckman in 1965 as a team development process\”was described. Tuckman’s team development process consists of the phases: forming (= orientation phase), storming (= confrontation phase), Norming (= cooperation phase) and performing (= work phase) together. The orientation phase is characterized by mutual keys off of the team members, as well as uncertainties over what is yet to come.

Can in principle by a phase of formation and Orientation are spoken. For example, the identification of the rules, as well as the selection of appropriate methods are among the tasks of team members at this stage. A first, unconscious role clarification is carried out within the orientation phase. The confrontation phase is characterized by subtle conflicts between the individual members of the team and the polarization of opinions. All phases of the second phase represents the greatest challenge for the project team in General and decides in particular on project success. Here it must actively address the conflicts, in order to attain all the subsequent phases. The resolution of conflicts within the project team takes time, because ultimately a change must be achieved by attitudes and behaviors of the team members, which in turn makes the inclusion of all stakeholders into building solutions indispensable principle. An ignore of the emerging conflicts leads only to a shift in the tensions, leading to a subsequent escalation or also in the worst case can lead to a cancellation of the project.