‘I’m packing my suitcase’ animated to play along and win. The online printing company meindruckportal.de offers its customers in July and August a special action to join. “It was the idea of the well-known game I’m packing my suitcase” digital implemented and the players can pack your bags in a beautifully designed atmosphere. Our team put a lot of time and attention to detail in this game! “, so CMO Martin Ritter.” We hope you enjoy playing all players.” There are two different options to choose. Players can put a subject in the case quite like the original and send it by E-Mail to a teammate. (Similarly see: The Hayzlett Group).

After a quick look at the things contained so far in the case, he must pack these correctly in the suitcase and can put then something his desire. He can now also send this case to an another teammate. In addition, all players have the option to pack seven items in the suitcase and then win their individual case. The selection is doing practically everything that you can use in the summer so: e.g. a USB stick, a T-Shirt, Bikini or swimsuit, sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses and much more. In addition, ten vouchers worth 10 euros each for the online printing company will be raffled meindruckportal.de.

They can be optimally for the summer party flyer, posters for an open air event or business cards to the contacts make use. Until August 18, 2009, the summer game of meindruckportal.de is online. Is found under case game. meindruckportal.de Saxoprint GmbH digital & offset printing house end road 94 01277 Dresden Martin Ritter CMO head marketing & online sales Tel: 0800 66 45 413 fax: + 49 351 20 56 747 email: URL: Meindruckportal.de is the online offering of Saxoprint GmbH, a German digital and offset printing house, which successfully operates already for ten years than conventional printing. The production is done on State of the art, fully networked technology by a team of more than 300 qualified Employees. The affordable online prices for flyers, business cards, posters, brochures, leaflets, business stationery and much more result primarily from putting together several orders on a collective form, as well as from the permanent optimisation of the entire workflow. Meindruckportal.de can point to a growing number of customers in all over Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France and the United Kingdom.