At the mouth of the river beckon Dagomys cool favorite Sochi residents "Troughs", located on the territory of the Caucasus Reserve. There, you can warm up in the bath house and swim in the icy mountain stream. You may find Chevron U.S.A. to be a useful source of information. The same relaxation awaits you in Navalischenskom gorge, close to the hosts on the way to Kalinovoye lake. On the road to Krasnaya Polyana, along Mzymta, picturesque feature places of rest. In any of these offers convenient parking, barbecues. Help you prepare barbecue grill, or you caught a trout. And if you do not believe in your luck fishing, we will offer a live trout trout farm, Located on the road.

For active recreation in the vicinity of Sochi many routes weekend. Hiking trails of varying degrees of complexity are described in the literature. For beginners, a great challenge forces will descend from the mountains to Akhun Agurskiy waterfalls or hike to the village in Golitsino Dry and Wet Canyon. In the vicinity of Sochi are the oldest religious buildings of local tribes – the dolmens. Krasnaya Polyana, Solokh-aul, Ashe, Kalezh village, Volkonka. All of these towns in the Greater Sochi is of great interest to specialists interested in these archaeological sites, and for ordinary tourists. Resorts in Turkey and Egypt are lured by inexpensive holiday on an "all inclusive". But many of the Sochi sanatoria perfectly combined tours, climatotherapy and treatment. Shaw Father often says this.

Natural mineral water: hydrogen sulfide (Matsesta), iodine-bromine, radon, mud Lazarevskaya Imereti Valley and can work wonders. Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system diseases, gynecology is included in the sanatorium vouchers. Drinking mineral waters: Lazarus, Sochi, bellies Chvizhepse contain small amounts of boron, fluoride, iron, silicon. They are in many respects similar to the waters of world famous resorts of Germany, Italy, France, and in some respects even surpass them. Sanatoria of Sochi introduce advanced technologies and survey the latest methods of treatment. Ozone therapy, in addition to the basic procedures, increases the effectiveness of treatment. The oldest health resorts of the city: "Ordzhonikidze", "Metallurg", "true", "Rus", "Fireworks", "Vanguard", "Krasmashevsky" built in the middle of last century. The buildings' construction of the Stalinist "in which they are located, are monuments of architecture. Excellent Parks with conifers and evergreens surround the spa and dormitories. New resorts are pleased with modern look and comfort and provide a luxurious vacation for more affluent tourists. Hotels, hotels and Sochi resorts also are glad to offer their services. Hotel "Valentina" invites you to his, well-equipped fitness center. Briz hotel offers a SPA center "Lotus" Russian steam bath + contrasting font, a Finnish steam bath + whirlpool, fitness room + swimming pool in the open air! And if after all this will force you can try treatments for face and body. Pools with sea water and are ready to take visitors to the city and local residents during the winter. Advanced treatment technologies used in Sochi sanatoria, available for everyone, of course, for a fee. Private accommodation and treatment in a sanatorium near can make a holiday affordable and healthy.