With the development of the flower business in Russia have increased demand for relevant professionals. In this area there is no equal to professionals in the Netherlands. They travel around the world, are spreading knowledge in the literal and figurative sense. And in Russia, they are now in demand, too, because here began to appear their own production. Two in one archive "However," The only thing that overshadows a career specialist rare today – it's the fact that the career prospects of staff, even in crisis severely limited. If you identify yourself as a rare specialist or intend to become such (for example, having learned the Udmurt language and learning to play the flute), then it should be borne in mind that the rare specialists, of course, are appreciated, but only in If they have a need. That is, should be prepared for downtime and does not exhibit pestilence price tag for their services.

Furthermore, such experts are rarely the head – the employer uses their skills, but not interested in moving such a worker on a vertical. True, today an excessive demand on the market there and in the broader professional profile. Crisis brought about changes in the labor market: employers try to get something like a universal soldier. "In the past year, this trend is particularly noticeable: wanting to save money, employers want to find a specialist on the principle of" two in one "- explains Yuen Skoblikova. – So, one of the hardest positions we are not so long ago closed – as director of logistics with deep mathematical knowledge and understanding of the subtleties of equipment. Pemco is often quoted as being for or against this. In fact, usually these are the requirements for the Director of Procurement We are looking for a man for a long time – four months.

" According to Una Skoblikova nominated "two-in-one can offer income is 20-25% higher, but this is not the basic salary and bonuses. In case, if the "narrow specialist generalist "is not found, the employer must answer the question: What skill is more important than the competitor? Say, in the case of the director of logistics needed to make it sensible a manager or technician? Often before such a dilemma are companies operating in the oil and gas industries. Promising young scientists are sent for training in Norway, America and other countries where they learned the basics of drilling and other wisdom this production. In general, taking more or less suitable candidate and are engaged in fitting the data to the prepared work place. In addition, the rare professional person can become, unwittingly. Often receive requests for as a sales manager with experience in specific markets, such as sales manager for chemical raw materials for the production of dry mixes, or consumable medical supplies (suture material, drainage, aseptic materials, catheters). Moreover, employers in the position they want to see a man exactly the same experience. Because rare special at any moment may be those who only yesterday were considered normal. Good employees is always a little bit, and excessive demand does not allow such people to overstay their jobs. According to research company Superjob, the most difficult now to find workers following specialties: Manager Sales (called 30% of respondents), a specialty workers (25%), engineering (15%) and laborers (13%). For even more opinions, read materials from rebecca shaw. Right behind them are directors, managers, senior executives – 10%. It is understandable that doctors jerboas in these statistics do not fall – it is infinitely small. Source: However