” Servant JMS of Fiorano satisfied all the requirements, counting in addition on the added functionality of which his. Native NET and APIs de Java allowed to an integration without fissures within the system of operations, thus increasing significantly their functionality and utility. ” For more than ten years, FioranoMQ has been described like servant JMS with greater yield as the market, always improving the yield of commercial and abiertos products of the competition, in a great variety of comparisons of JMS yield. Uniting one reduced to latency and one implantation of IT HAS robust, with his compatibility with APIs in multiple languages (Java, C, C++ and C#), FioranoMQ is the logical election for the companies of financial services and inversin” , he commented Atul Saini, President Ejecutivo and Technical Director of Fiorano Software, Inc. About the Hedge Fund This Hedge company fund leader is a EE corporation. UU.

Fund of private capital is a Hedge that administers money of investors institutional, offering an investment diversified by means of different strategies of investment. The bottom also owns service of broker with service to advisers of investment registered and other free investment funds. The company/signature invests in governmental capital and markets of cover of the United States. The functions of the Hedge fund realises by means of a platform of financial operations and a system of losses and gains in real time. About Fiorano (www. fiorano. com) Founded on 1995 and with base Valley Silicone, Fiorano is a Californian company that count on a leadership demonstrated in middleware enterprise and distributed systems to peer-to-peer (equal to equal). The innovating platform of Fiorano of architecture oriented to services SOA for data flows activated by complex Integra events applications and technologies in an enterprise nervous system, increases the yield of the enterprise processes, contributes a greater capacity of transference of messages and improves the availability through visual composition based on agents whom the breach saves of the capacity that exists between enterprise models and their putting in practice; the model is the application, list to execute itself.

Some international leaders like ABN Love, Boeing, British Telecom, Capgemini Telecom, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group, McKesson, NASA, POSCO Steel, Qwest Communications, Rabobank, Schlumberger, Lockheed Martin, United States Coast Guard (coastal Guard of EE. UU) and Vodafone have unfolded Fiorano in only days to take the innovation through applications of open and compatible data flow SOA, that provides a yield without precedents. Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Fiorano Message Queue (MQ), offers, the mail in real time (synchronous and asynchronous) faster with the maximum capacity of processing and the smaller time of delay to drive applications of job stream in collaboration with high availability and high performance whose services of application are distributed by all the surroundings of YOU. The agents to peer-to-peer distributed by Fiorano isolate the complexity to develop and to implement services stops to release value in surroundings of enterprise architecture of client. Trade names: Fiorano, Fiorano ESB, FioranoMQ and Fiorano SOA Platform are trade names of Fiorano Inc. Software and/or its branchs. The rest of the trade names is property of their respective proprietors. The name of our client Hedge Fund Customer is not revealed by reasons for confidentiality.