The water serves to take care of our necessities is for public use or industrial, irrigation of the great and small plantations, to saciar the headquarters of the human beings and of the animals and still, to conserve the flora, serves as source of inspiration for recreations, navigations and innumerable utilities. The effluent liquids launched to the environment cause irreparable damages; they are sanitary rejeitos or domestic servants and industrials. As Ararib (2008): Another preoccupying urban ambient problem is the pollution of waters for rejeitos launched in the rivers for the industries and residences, are what it happens in the mediaes of the rapid of the Urubu where the rejeitos are launched. Therefore the majority of the tubings discharges the effluent liquids in the stream bed of the rapid of urubui, thus causing pollution of its waters. CONCLUSION With the thematic one of antropolgico ambient impact of the tourism in the rapid of the local Urubu of leisure in the city of President Figueiredo, located in the State of Amazon, we can observe of concrete form the banalizao that if still has when it is about environment, where many times we think that you provide if has taken to brake the pollution of the environment however, very still has of being fact, the necessity not mere to take conscience of an environment truily balanced a simple maquiagem, showing on the other hand surrounding healthful and for backwards of of these a true indifference as a whole on the part of the action human being. While not to generate a comprometimento with this way, future generations will not be able to enjoy of the natural resources of healthful form.

It is necessary that the competent agencies, they have and they make an inspection applying the penalties in the form of the law so that if they can brake these actions, revitalizing the places affected for the pollution and degradation. .