And although he does not question the intent of such an assertion, Pena believes that in a large number of occasions did not exist the conditions so that it would be absolutely true. The truth, that in any type of business or organization, you should conceive knowledge as the set of capabilities that provide appropriate participants in the company a better performance, whose fruits are the improvement of the financial and non-financial results to medium and long term, relations between all the participants, and between them and the company; ultimately, development, growth and survival of the company.

In SMEs this effort with results linking has to be even more visible, and more short term because their resources (financial, structure and support, and above all time activities) are even more scarce that which they have companies of largest dimension. Since then, talk of an organization in which knowledge is really the most important asset to talk of a particular organization. Not all organizations, rather a small minority, are prepared to take advantage of that asset than other more conventional. The exploitation of knowledge is the purpose pursued by the management of the knowledge. Understanding how end align knowledge, individual and collective, with the objectives of the organization. Tells us the participant in the debate on the subject, that sentence says: before the temptation, convenience or chance to start in the knowledge management should reflect on some aspects of our Organization, such as: organizational model, culture, work environment, leadership, systems management, policies, strategy to bring the knowledge management effectiveness and efficiency that we hope. Probably greater as the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency most closely matches our Organization what some years is known as learning organisation (learning organization). Throughout the thirty years of work activity that Pablo Pena Vendrell has had, this indicates that he has known very few organizations that relate to what the term implies.