24 new features complement the metric plus Bornheim the March 24, 2009 – the new version 8.06 is available in March with a variety of new features in the Web site of M-service & equipment for downloading. It happened a module for evaluation within a polygon surfaces as well as new features for the measurement of drills and milling cutters. The user can choose in a selection box whether they wish to receive a surface mass as diameter, X-extent, Y-extent, area, extent or circularity in the Excel table with the corresponding min/max and average values and standard deviation. New features for the measurement of drills are the clearance angle 1 and 2, rake angle, distance point to point angle plus a special function for the RADIUS centre distance added. “For the PCB industry sector the function of two to three circle distances pin was a new feature hole” and polygon programmed difference. The Excel report system in which the mass together with the respective image automatically in an Excel file be transferred has been completely revised. A total of 24 improvements and additions were incorporated into the new update of the metric plus 8.06. M service & equipment Peter Muller E.k..