We are approaching the annual closure of the financial year, so I leave some suggestions to consider before making your accounts are closed and to make its Annual Affidavit of ISR, which are as follows: Cash and cash, it is necessary ensure that the balances of bank accounts are properly reconciled and these coincide with the Balance Sheet of the company. Accounts receivable: verify doubtful accounts provision of law gives us a maximum deduction of 3%. (Art. 38 inc. Q Income Tax Law) Taxes receivable and payable: You must verify that the amounts in the tax forms match the company’s records, the amount shown on the tax forms should be similar to those contained in the forms of ISR, otherwise, it is necessary to carry out a reconciliation of income. In the area of expenditure is necessary to verify that all suppliers comply with the delivery of invoices indicating expenditure of 2009, thus having all the expenses reported in the corresponding years, is equally revenue necessary to act.

In the area of wages and salaries, it is necessary that they match their employee benefit provisions. You need to set all the depreciation and amortization as the maximum rates established by law because they do not conform to the same accounting period, this expense is not deductible for the following period. Rule 97-3, take into account that you can not remove income tax on an amount that is less than 3% of gross revenues, currently has a pending provision unconstitutional, but while this force is not defined the measure. (Art. 39 inc. J income tax law) There are many details to take into account in this space will detail what in my opinion is the most important. For taxpayers who are in the general scheme as well as churches, political parties, associations and foundations the statement of income tax should be informative. The expiration of income tax is the March 31, two thousand ten.