Invitation to the live show in Majorca country hotel Finca Son Mola Vell Marie Vell and your team invite all television stations and broadcasters in your son Mola Vell Landhotel to your rousing live show in Majorca. The charming light and live show with a guest star from the German Schlager scene will inspire you and the audience. This live show was recorded already by some local television stations. Unfortunately Marie Vell signed so far live only a few TV channels. In Germany, there are only a few talents that have the Voraausetzungen, which distinguishes a multi talent. Therefore, the idea to organize a show at your Finca in Majorca came Marie Vell and your team. Your team and management supports Marie Vell which is responsible as a hostess, including for choreography. This live show will take place at regular intervals and the number of viewers, friends, and fans grows with every appearance.

The program takes usually 30 min to 45 min and includes your own title and evergreens. Especially we would like at this point on the song “Why are you standing here” point out that for the 2 time at competitions the 1st place finish. Marie Vell has been sensational in the Hitcontest on the 1.Platz.The prominent jury (EMI, Sony/BMG, universal cooking, GoldStarTV, Sepp Adlmann, Gustl four-farmer and others) and fans have opted for this. As well, she has won just the German voice treasure with their “beggar” as she likes to call her song. Rio- Tinto Groups opinions are not widely known. Marie Vell a multi talent: singer, musician, Texautorin, actress, dancer, presenter, Chorographin. Marie Vell trained classical dancer at the State Opera in Hamburg, Germany. First engagement at the Zurich Opera House. In Canada, a study was enabled her at the Canadian Academy of acting, as well as at the Royal Canadian Conservatory in Toronto.

Television roles and commercials followed. She played at all major musical stages from Vancouver to Montreal and Toronto. She hosted the popular music show of The German Carousel”channel 47 MTV. As Catharine Wayne she captured the hearts of Canadians in the series the beachcombers.” In Germany, it was in the German TV and show business, theatre tours with well-known colleagues as, Pierre Brice, Rainer Wilke, Christiane Kruger, Theo Gartner, and directors such as Jurgen Roland, Peter Weck, Sabine Hoffman, Manfred silk, and so on were stations also Detektivburo Roth, Grossstadtrevier, Tatort, contact please, ein fall fur zwei. A variety of commercials followed. Appearances as a singer (first single with Klaus Bongartz, Zambezi), theatre tours etc. She performed at the English-speaking Theatre in Fuengirola, Malaga in Spain, Andalusia. Also, she worked as a choreographer for various show theatre, as well as German TV productions. The first Maxi-CD was to be free”, the second Maxi CD with you”. 2009 a CD with 5 titles, I know what I want”and now 2010 your new release” all just a game “. Heinz Herald music management