Numbers marked on the chart following The lead pipe, which we protect from the cold wall of the house. The pipe diameter of 100 mm, door to door. It laid our water hose and power cable. Caisson. Just a glass in the ground.

Perhaps brick or metal. If the water is close to seal the hole That portion, which is located above the ground. Decorated in a house and whether anything else. Vent. Well it would not be neglected.

Explanations below. Rebecca Parents has similar goals. Insulated lid. It in the winter you can distribute the stuff of every type of old clothes, quilts, etc. odyala The lead-pipe borehole comments better be flexible, but always food. Check when buying on figure means that the house has a basement. 100mm pipe should be sequentially. When construction is better to make sure that power was out of the tube into the hole and then onto the street. Then ventilation can not stop for the winter. If traction in all efforts will be reversed, that is, from the street into the basement, I recommend to put the fan forced. Pipe at the nearest point on the earth's surface must, however, be recessed by at least 50 cm depending on the your specific conditions of soil freezing. The depth of the caisson from the ground at least 2 meters. Size such that it was convenient to place the ladder. Experience shows that in the absence of ventilation under the cover has been developing very high humidity. In these circumstances, I have, for example, often begin to spark terminals at the pump. If desired, the caisson can be provided and a small ten, 200 watt, but the best, still, do a normal punch. Then the warm air from the your house or basement is warm and dry caisson. Original articles on the site and building design