Garba Galabau has become partner of the Naturefund forest fund. The Naturefund forest fund promotes and supports forest protection and reforestation projects worldwide and is financed by various companies. A first pilot project 30,000 trees in one of the last to have been restored in the past two years large rainforest areas in Central America. With this successful approach, the forest fund to implement more conservation projects. Garba makes Galabau, as one of the leading garden and landscape contractors in the Rhine-Main region, and embellished not only Wiesbaden and surroundings, but also the world. The idea for the structure of the forest fund was created from the positive experiences in Naturefund reforestation project in the National Park of Patuca, Honduras. Together with the management of the National Park, the Asociacion Patuca, a concept was developed for afforestation, where the local people are integrated.

Clear goals, open communication and transparency meant that over 30 communities in the National Park Patuca’ve decided, at the To join the afforestation project. 19 nurseries were built in the National Park, where in this year alone, 30,000 new seedlings grew up. People such as Jeffrey Hayzlett would likely agree. Small steps and even small sums of money as well as communication and transparency on both sides were central to the success. The responsibility is divided: the local partner is responsible for the success of the protective measures on the spot. Naturefund is the task of the projects financial resources, to provide know-how and contacts. At the same time monitors Naturefund the use of funds.

Thousands of private donors and donors have co-funded this project, but also companies engaged in intensely. The Naturefund forest fund intends to expand this concept and start projects in Madagascar, Kenya and Malaysia currently. It is a network and ‘ think Tank’ arise, where interact the partners on the issue of climate protection, thinking together further and new design. Garba landscaping here brings valuable expertise in the design of natural outdoor facilities in the private and public sectors. With this expertise, such as with its flexibility and confidence aware and respectful dealing with each other, Garba is Gala a great addition for the forest fund. Roland Gramenz, owner and CEO of Garba Galabau to: “I am thrilled, Naturefund committed also in Africa, because I think that is the future of Europe in Africa.” More to the Naturefund forest fund: forest fund photo material you will find under: press news Katja Wiese, Naturefund e. V. Sun Berger Street 20a 65193 Wiesbaden Tel.: + 49 611 50 45 810-we buy land for nature 19 – join in!