Tips and tricks against the Office Blues eight hours a day, 40 in a week. The minutes seem endless, if you bored in the Office. Finally, there are always phases, in which no emails need to be answered and the phone just does not ring. However, there is no reason to mope, because delivers original ways to curb the boredom. What to do if holds the General Office gossip in borders and are otherwise no exciting news to be expected? The figures clearly show that it hard many workers especially after the weekend to concentrate. So every sixth German feel listless and unmotivated, if the new week has started again. So, sagging and fatigue are pre-programmed. Among other things the altered daily routine compared to the weekend is to blame.

Ways and means, briefly distracted and to recharge the batteries, is there enough. So-called Flash games that can be played for free on your computer, quickly equalize the flawed. Finally lift games like FrontierVille the motivation and mood. In this, the player becomes the farmer, tasked with it is to turn the piece of land into a thriving settlement. Who can get not much agriculture, should have Flash with the Bejeweled more joy. That is reminiscent of the classic of Tetris, which already has proven a useful remedy for boredom coming up many years ago in his style of play. Sport is an always useful as healthy way to stimulate body and mind, Hochleitungen. Even a few minutes can work wonders on the day. More information: company /… GmbH Lisa Neumann