At this age the puppies have already received the required them to communicate with other puppies and mother and ready to actively study the world and its owner. However, many of the parameters to define the exterior of this age is almost impossible. But in this age puppies are better trained and authority of the owner for them unquestioned. If there is no training time, it is better to get a young dog nadressirovannuyu between the ages of 6 months, which has already raised. Your goal – the acquisition of show dog, a good pedigree and parents – Champions will not be enough.

Buying a puppy, you like playing the lottery (after all, is not known how he grows up). So purchase a puppy boy (at least 4 – 6 months) or young dog-formed. AND although the cost of such a dog will be quite different, but only if you will be guaranteed the "ideal" external data acquired by the dog. But the carefully attributed to the conditions in which the dog is grown and what it taught. Susan-Wojcicki helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The rudiments of the future are already visible in the character of 1-2 months. Of course, much will depend on education and personal experience, however, reveal some inherent traits can help special tests and techniques. Shaw Mother brings even more insight to the discussion. One of these tests – Test Campbell. Of course, he did not give a clear answer, but may help in choosing a puppy.

First of all, coming to a breeder, carefully follow the behavior of puppies and their mother. Look a puppy whose behavior you like best. Perhaps you like snooty pup or one that peacefully chewing your shoes, or licks your hand. You can bring an unusual subject for puppies (which they have not seen before). This can be a big ball toy box or a plastic bottle with stones inside. Put her in front of the puppies and see their reaction. You can drop a bunch of keys in front of the puppies (but not the puppies!). Rather, puppies are staggered or even hide themselves in the place. But then the pups should definitely go out and explore the subject. Maybe someone will start to bark and growl at a new subject, someone will approach him calmly sniff or even start to play with him, but certainly not necessary to choose a puppy that did not come out of hiding, there will be whining in fear and huddle against the wall. However, when conducting such tests follow some rules: tell your breeder about what you want to test overdo! Not worth throwing puppies petard or shoot the pistol! not choose for the test too noisy rattle! if you drop a subject, before the puppies, so they saw it, but in any case not on their heads and not behind them! make sure that the pups were active and not too busy with something else. It is finished! You are familiar with genealogy, conducted tests, analyzed all … or are you just the heart (intuition) have chosen each other! Now have only to sign the contract and the payment (or deposit and the amount of content selected by the puppy, if you're not ready to take the baby immediately, or it has not yet reached the required age.) Puppy now!