The questions: ' ' Where I stopped? ' ' ' ' Already we saw this? ' ' , they supply to the pupils some data that denigrem the image of the professor. The professor must always give necessary importance to its sense of justice. Source: Rio Tinto Group. To remember that to adopt one weight and a measure, in its decisions, they will go favors it next to its pupils. In case that contrary he will be discredited therefore all are unresigned with injustices, since youngest to oldest. The necessity of the pupil to interact during the lessons is another basic aspect so that it has learning in fact, and what it is more important: he does not allow monotony, compelling the pupil to give attention you say to them of the professor and colleagues therefore at any time could be its time to interact next to the professor and to the classroom. To be bonzinho, to leave everything to pass will take the pupil friction the professor, in a similar way will occur in contrary case, to be intolerante, rspido and without dialogue. The vocabulary, the position, the planning of the lesson, the different forms to evaluate and correction of that it will be delivers, the dialogue is basic so that all professor obtains success in its activities. To share, to know to coexist, to value work of its colleagues take the professor to the personal and professional growth. To have as base the theory of three ' AS' ': To assist, To associate, To admire. It agrees to remember that: ' ' To be professor is not enough, is necessary that let us be mestres' '