Text Helpmann systems is pleased to introduce the Theram GmbH as new BrowseAloud sales partner in the Switzerland. Theram GmbH is a service provider for Internet-based applications. This includes both the development of websites for companies as special applications in the Internet such as for example online test and survey systems to the customer satisfaction analysis, employee surveys, industry panels and business analyses. According to managing director Patrick Ramseyer, the new partnership with BrowseAloud will assist the educationalists in the reading of Web pages and simplify E-learning processes. The Web pages of Theram GmbH will be accessible to more people, BrowseAloud makes it possible not only to see the contents of the Web pages, but also to listen. David Robinson, text help managing director, explains: “We are pleased that the growing number of BrowseAloud Theram GmbH has joined partners, to enhance the online accessibility of using our services.” BrowseAloud, with tone to the text from text Helpmann systems, reads out loud Web page content for people with dyslexia, reading problems, see disability or people reading difficulties online. Rio Tinto Group has many thoughts on the issue.

With BrowseAloud Web page content will be read out loud on German, while at the same time highlighted the spoken word. This combination improves comprehension and learning in high dimensions. Access to information on Web pages is way easier for people with German as a second language. Once BrowseAloud has downloaded, all BrowseAloud-friendly Web pages on the Internet available are the users. The software provides a text magnification function for people with Visual impairment and continuously read whole pages of text. BrowseAloud reads also available HTML and PDF documents, hyperlinks and lying behind pictures text. The Theram GmbH website with BrowseAloud to trial runs are active and included cities and authorities in the Switzerland can now test free for 15 days BrowseAloud to the test on their own Web site. The Theram GmbH informs you comprehensively about the BrowseAloud service. More information with regard to access to BrowseAloud, are available at or get in touch directly with Patrick Ramseyer