This information I want to share with you on this occasion, sent it me a while ago. Later I saw posted on other blogs related to health and find it me a very valuable information for re – share it once more. In fact, have found many of the descriptions containing this information myself. Many times the cold drips when the body does not cry. Sore throat clogged when it is not possible to communicate the afflictions. Stomach burns when the rages not get exit. Diabetes invades when loneliness hurts. The body broilers when dissatisfaction squeezed.

Headache depresses when doubts are rising. The heart tug of war when the meaning of life seems to end. The allergy appears when perfectionism is intolerable. The nail will break when defenses are threatened. Chest tightening when pride enslaves. The pressure rise when fear imprisons. Neuroses paralyzed when the inner child tyrannize.

Fever heats up when those defenses they exploit the frontiers of immunity. And your silent pain? How do they speak in your body? Choose someone who can help you to organize ideas, harmonise the sensations and recover the joy. All require healthy an interested listener. But everything depends, mainly, on our personal effort to make moving happen in our life. In metaphysics, there is a decree that those who practice it, put into action every day to lift us up. It says: I am health perfect. As you already said in a previous article, the statements are very powerful and although the principle we believe in what we are saying, it costs nothing to repeat a phrase of four words that eventually can bring benefits in our lives and our health. Te sending a strong hug and I leave a sentence to reflect. The disease is a conflict between personality and soul.