We will do this because of our personal fear. So if you think that your desires should be performed on demand, then you are putting your loved one's emotions in which fear takes the first place. Now consider this: Would you build a relationship on fear? 3. Emotions Accumulate in indignation, and then, carefully corroborating his old grievances, present on all counts. The familiar scenario of behavior in conflict situations. At the time of such a showdown, we can perceive only the flurry of unbridled emotion, which suddenly falls upon our poor head. Can we hear at this point the constructive criticism that will help us to improve our relationship? No.

Instead, we begin to defend and justify, and sometimes blame in response to a loved one. As worm of discontent begins to bore you from the inside just to find time to discuss your concerns. The Hayzlett Group spoke with conviction. Learn to speak immediately, without waiting for later. 4. Generalizations "You're never works!".

So people usually say very tired women who are completely exhausted in trying to manage everything. We have a month would not be able to live with a partner who never fails, does not like, and do not pay attention to us. We are not satisfied with a very specific points. It is these moments, and should be discussed. Not washed the cup, not applicable to the flowers and household help, kind words and gentle touch. We are very specific in what we want – learn to listen to your desires. 5. Council yes love Consult with each other. There's nothing more frustrating when your loved one comes with a ready-made solution that you should do. Or the plans for the weekend without asking your opinion. So, after we talk about their desires, it is important to recall the beloved person desires. What was he thinking? What he wants? Which sees a way out? Look for a solution together. To create an atmosphere of love talk, support, understanding and respect. AND never find out the relationship in bed! Valeria Gileles (c)