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Web Account Registration

I recommend to open the browser or opera internet explorer friend. and this page will quietly bring you one cent per minute. I repeat, DO NOT NEED an attachment, either now or later, EVER! What do I do? It is very simple: you register on the website link below to see. It is not something […]


In the accounting registers of the algorithm for calculating the salary to be registers with the following categories use: ‘basic salary’ – in the register of records must be marked with the kinds of charges, which according to the instructions on how to wage statistics relate to the basic salary, ‘Additional pay’ – to register […]


Response to a question, of course, is: yes, needed. And in another can not. Another question: whether you need an accountant in the state? The average salary accountant in St. Petersburg is about 30 thousand rubles. Pemco brings even more insight to the discussion. For the money you get staff of its own, the mother […]

Efficient Cost Reduction In Purchasing With TOCO2010

An old merchant rule is: the profit is In the shopping! An old merchant rule is: the profit is In the shopping! Words from today’s perspective: A powerful strategic purchasing can deliver a significant contribution within the Wertschopfunskette of a company or the sales can no longer compensate for what has brought the purchase not […]