Archives for March, 2014

Ideal Credit

There is no thing like the ideal credit cleans to the extremity – only the correct extremities to adapt to its unique circumstances. You see, each has totally diverse financial situations, so trying to fit the same type of credit she cleans the extremity each will not be also simply as effective Calls of how […]

The Population

(Vygotsky, 1978). We use in our interventions the Description-Cultural boarding, therefore it works with a look that privileges the cultural and social history and factors in which the individuals are inserted, destarte not making responsible the citizen individually for its inadequate behaviors the determined contexts, since during its development the citizen if relates with others […]

The Reefs

Natural impacts generally do not destroy reefs of when isolated chorales. But the climatic changes come gaining prominence throughout the decade, to the measure that the scientists had extended the knowledge of the link between emissions of greenhouse gases, globe temperatures in ascension, rise of the level of the sea among others is factors that […]

Shared Success

Laura and I have just returned from a 10 day trip to Disney World and I have to say that I feel very good. I love helping companies and see how people begin to live your dreams so much that sometimes I forget what is playing: during the journey in plane back from a place […]

The Dark

Down to the sea and enjoy form, salt from your routine to notice those twinges you receive from the sea, to notice that you are still alive and that your gift baptizes in the love of the waters of GAIA, crying the loss of one who decides to stay and do not evolve, in their […]